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Posted by JKCP on May 30, 2012 4:59:00 PM

Happy teen girls having good fun time outdoors using laptop.jpegThe days until the start of summer at JKCP are quickly approaching! While we're hard at work preparing a fantastic summer, we hope you are starting to get ultra excited! When you experience a summer at JKCP, you will leave smarter, better and more prepared for the next step in your life as a teenager. After this summer, you can continue making great decisions in shaping your future. Here's how:

You define YOU...

As a teen, you will faced with many situations, some positive and others negative. These circumstances might have an influence on you and the person you become, however they do not define YOU. Looking back on previous negative situations and being able to asses it logically while finding positives from it, will define the person you grow up to be! 

Controller of YOU...

The truth is, things that happen will be out of your control. However, what is in your control is the way you react. Controlling how you view the situations and how you view yourself is in your control. You have the option to turn a negative into a positive and learn from it. While some circumstances are beyond your control, the way you choose to handle them is always your choice.

No more "blame game"...

Take ownership of your actions. Blaming others or your circumstances for your actions will not get you far. Again, you are in control and you are responsible for your life. Choose logical actions that will make you better and serve you long term. 

Today is the day!

Act now instead of tomorrow! If you put things off, you are putting potential success aside. Beginning now will lead you in the right direction. Procrastinating for a later date, will limit the success you plan to achieve. You have the ability to begin making positive changes today. There are no overnight sensations so the sooner you begin by making small forward-thinking decisions. 

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