The Buildings of Philadelphia!

Posted by Caleb M. on Mar 27, 2012 9:53:11 PM

When you come to Philadelphia this summer, you will have the option to see some of the greatest and most famous buildings in the city. 

For all of the Art and Architecture buffs out there, we've outlined a Famous Buildings guide for when you spend your summer in Philadelphia. 

Comcast Center (Skyscraper) 

Height: 974 ft.

Floors: 57

Built in 2008

One Liberty Place (Skyscraper)

Height: 945 ft.

Floors: 61

Built in 1987

Philadelphia City Hall (Skyscraper)

Height: 548 ft. 

Floors: 9

Built in 1901


Loews Philadelphia Hotel (Skyscraper)

Height: 492 ft.

Floors: 36

Built in 1932

The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia (Skyscraper)

Height: 394 ft. 

Floors: 30

Built in 1930

Benjamin Franklin Bridge (Bridge)

Height: 380 ft.

Built in 1926

U.S. Custom House (High-Rise Building)

Height: 287 ft.

Floors: 17

Built in 1934


Wanamaker Building (High-Rise Building)

Height: 270 ft. 

Floors: 15

Built in 1910

As you can imagine there's tons of architectural art in Philadelphia. Would you want to see the tallest building (Comcast Center) or the building with the most floors (One Liberty Place) or you can visit the oldest building (Philadelphia City Hall)? 

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