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Posted by Caleb M. on Mar 20, 2012 9:20:54 AM

Yes, you know HEAD Tennis as a Tennis company, but there's much more to HEAD Tennis. Now that JKCP is powered by HEAD Tennis, we want to tell you about HEAD's Tennis Racquets and their new premier technologies.

Here's a breakdown of each:

YouTek™, present in HEAD's tour racquets, includes any combination of the below technologies. Its technology perfectly matches your individual tennis needs. If your tennis game is aggressive or smooth, then YouTek™ will bring out the best in your game by giving you the feel to match your playing style.



​INNEGRA™ ​is the world's lightest high performance fiber in the industry. This technology is integrated in your racquet for shock absorption. It will reduce the vibration at ball impact up to 17% while making it easier on your arm.


d30™ is a futuristic material with a mind of its own. HEAD Tennis says "it belongs to the 'smart materials' category" due to its abnormal behavior characteristics. d30™ changes its shape, feel, look and mold on ball impact. These features give it the ability to sense the needs of players.



HEAD Grommets with Teflon™ friction can reduce the friction to help boost your power. By using the HEAD Grommets with Teflon, you will not lose as much energy while increasing your power. The Teflon disables resistance on the strings which maintains energy during ball impact.



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