Top 5 Life Skills Learned in an International Leadership Summer Program with Model UN

Posted by Caleb M. on Feb 15, 2016 12:26:33 PM

International Leadership with Model UN Summer program.pngToday's blog post is from Amanda, a student at JKCP's International Leadership for Social Impact program. This summer leadership program for high school students teaches leadership skills and provide real world experience on how to be an engaged global citizen. Throughout the four week summer program students utilize the pillars of the United nations to engage with students from around the world and grow as a future leader. 

Hey everyone! My name is Amanda and I am currently a high schooler in California and guest blogger for JKCP. I am actively involved with the Model United Nations (UN) program at my school and attend conferences around the state on the weekends. Being involved in Model UN teaches you a lot of great things that you can take with you for the rest of your life! Below is a brief synopsis of my top five:

 Top 5 Concepts you can learn by being in Model UN:

1. Public Speaking- No matter what career you plan on pursuing, being able to speak your ideas is a must. Model UN will teach you all the skills you need to know in order to voice your opinion and argue for its success. Who knows where your great speaking skills will take you in life, but you will know for certain you will attain them while in Model UN.

2. International Affairs- Wherever you live, it is very important that you know what is going on in the world. Being up to date with international issues will not only make you a well-rounded person, it will also give you an edge in the educational and social fields. Being able to impress an interviewer with your knowledge on international crises will result in bonus points when it comes to evaluations.

3. Leadership- It is an unarguable fact that good leaders are necessary in the world. They can command a room, start a revolution, and most importantly make their voices heard. Model UN will help students out of their comfort zones and into a world where their ideas are chosen. In any application process (college or future jobs), it is essential that you have and demonstrate good leadership skills.

4. Confidence- There is something about a person with confidence that makes others want to listen. Model UN gives everyone the confidence they need to become respected and heard in everything they do. Being able to appreciate yourself and your skills learned in Model UN will show through everyday encounters with your peers and top notch job interviews.

5. Awareness and gratitude- Model UN will give you the skills you need to rise to the top, yet will also help you appreciate everything that got you there. Being able to observe poverty and famine in third world nations gives each student a new perspective that they take with them their entire lives. Being able to be appreciative for the things you have and helping to give others those same amenities shows the true character and sincerity that the Model UN program works so hard to produce. 


6. College Credit- not only have I gained an incredible skill set, but I now have credit to bring to university with me. The business entrepreneurship credit through the University of Delaware is a versitile, transferrable credit that will give me a leg up when picking classes, prepare me for the business world and give me a preview of what a college class is all about. 

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