Tennis Tips From Julian Krinsky: Episode 3!

Posted by Caleb M. on Feb 22, 2012 3:27:00 PM

Julian_krinsky_tennis_lessonJulian Krinsky founded The Julian Krinsky School of Tennis in 1978. As a former tennis player on the international tennis circuit, Julian played in Wimbledon and the French and Italian Opens. Julian represented his native South Africa and the United States at the Maccabiah Games, where he competed in tennis and squash, winning medals in 1969, 1973, and 1981. The Julian Krinsky School of Tennis is one of the world's foremost tennis programs

Julian has been asked plenty of tennis related questions over the years and we thought it would be best to chronicle those questions with his educated answers.

Question:  My child is 15 years old, should I encourage them to play singles or doubles?

Julian says, "Most students I see prefer singles because they find it easier. Doubles requires a greater varierty of strokes and tactics than singles and forces players to volley more. Personally, I like the aspect of a team sport and find double to be more fun. I encourage students to practice playing both singles and doubles. Singles may be on top at the professional level, but doubles is very important in college tennis. Tennis is a game you can play for life! Challenge yourself by playing both singles and doubles. Who knows which one you will want to play when you get older. For example, here is a lady who still plays at our club at 90 years old!"



Question: There are so many choices when purchasing a tennis racket. How do I know which one is best for me?

Julian says, "When in the market for a new tennis racket: demo, demo, demo. Everyone has a personal feel and each racket and string tension will feel a little different to each player. Try a variety of demo rackets every time you play and be sure to get some good advice from your tennis professional. When you find a racket you like buy at least two. The manufacturers tend to come out with new models each year and your favorite racket may not be available next year."



Question: Should I spend my time taking more lessons or playing more matches? 

Julian says, "For every one hour lesson you take, you should try to get four to five hours of practice and match play. Lessons teach the basic strokes needed to play competitively, but matches are essential for learning to win."



Question: Am I too old for top spin? 

Julian says, "In tennis, you are never too old to learn something new. A good teaching professional will add spin to your game without taking away the strengths you already have."





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