Journalism 2.0: Social and Digital Media

Posted by Caleb M. on Nov 18, 2011 4:42:00 PM

It's about time....Social and Digital Media are now a game changer for Journalism. Let's refer to it as Digital Journalism!

Recently, a panel of media professionals congregated to discuss "How Social Media is Changing Journalism". Social Media has become an essential tool to break news and publish stories making it an obvious game changer for journalism.

With Social and Digital Media, a journalist now has an audience that extends globally in an instant. The message can go viral creating great exposure for the journalist. This is seen as a valuable service to the consumer of news, stories, and up-to-date reporting. 

There are several ways to use Social and Digital Media to your advantage as many journalists are currently doing!

  • Using Twitter as a conversational tool. Taking the temperature of your audience, fans, consumers, etc.
  • Expanding your outreach for each story discovered.
  • When reporting a controversial or developing story, it's key to provide updates for your audience and create a following.
  • Become an expert! Are you the first to break stories? Are you the best at capturing video of a developing issue in World News? People will learn and find you quickly!
  • Convey your personality...besides your writing, Social and Digital Media can give you a voice to show your audience (and potential audience) who you are. Be wise though, don't get carried away!
  • Find your angle! What separates you from your competition? Do you capture live footage through pictures or video? Are you finding inside sources through Twitter? 
  • Lastly, be proactive and engage and interact with your audience. This should be a given. When someone has something to say related to an article or report you've written--interact with them!

With Social and Digital Media changing the journalism industry at warp speed, it's a non-stop news cycle. In our Digital Journalism and Media Production Program at Villanova University, you will learn the behind-the-scene aspect of the future of Journalism.

Are you ready to take your digital skills to the next level and learn the new age of Journalism? 



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