Golf Student Spotlight: Rachael Lassoff

Posted by Caleb M. on Nov 4, 2011 4:55:00 PM

Friday was Rachael’s favorite day of the week. Unlike other kids her age, it wasn’t because
the weekend was near. It was because Friday was the day of the week she would take a trip to the golf range with the rest of her friends. “That’s all I looked forward to was Friday. I thought the golf range was the coolest place on Earth.”

Rachael Lassoff first attended Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs when she was eight years old. She remembers during sign up time that all the counselors knew she wanted her five sessions to be all golf! While all her friends tried to lure her to play basketball and soccer, Rachael insisted she was content with a golf club in her hand.

It was at Julian Krinsky’s Sports Camp that she met and formed a bond with her coach Grant Griffiths. Rachael’s interest in the culture, history and language of the South Africans helped her build a relationship with Julian Krinsky and Golf Director Grant Griffiths who are both South African now living in the United States.

As she began to form this long lasting bond, her mother finally sent Rachael to the Golf Camp with Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs. It was here that Rachael could turn her focus to golf. Rachael says, “Every summer I looked forward to golf camp. I always wanted to attend more weeks so I could spend more time learning and being with good friends.”

In golf terms, Rachael always had the drive. She was focused, determined, persistent and passionate. She had the drive within herself, but needed the practice to perfect her craft. Rachael describes Grant as an “amazing coach who understood how [she] learned and taught [her] visually”. She insists that his “tough” side is what made her the golfer she is today. Rachael adds that she knew Grant thought he was too hard on her, but that was the best part because he gave her motivation to change her golf game for the better.

Rachael is now golfing at Albright and just last year, in 2010, she became the first female golfer from Haverford High School to qualify for districts in twenty-two years. Rachael has grown to have an exceptional all around golf game. Thanks to her time with JKCP and Grant Griffiths she will have long lasting memories of learning and improving her golf game.

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