From Beijing, China to Wynnewood, Pennsylvania!

Posted by Caleb M. on Oct 24, 2011 3:20:56 PM

Recently, Julian Krinsky traveled to Asia and met Mrs. Xu in Beijing, who is an assistant to the Head Master at a Beijing Private School. Mrs. Xu's daughter, Emma, was enrolled in the school, but Mrs. Xu had plans of sending Emma to a private school in the United States. Emma, 15 years old, planned on attending Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh. Julian met Emma and could not believe her maturity and English skills. She traveled all the way across Beijing on her own to meet me one evening. Julian learned that Emma had won the "Best English Speaking Student for 13 year olds" award in Beijing. Julian, being a resident of the Greater Philadelphia area, told Mrs. Xu that Emma should strongly consider being around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This is when Emma spoke up! Emma told Julian that she has always wanted to attend Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Why though? The answer lies with Lower Merion alum Kobe Bryant. Turns out, Emma is a huge huge fan of Kobe Bryant! She's a giant basketball fan to begin with!

After Julian heard this, it was all the information he needed. He spoke with his business partner Adrian, a trustee at Friends Central School. Now, Emma is enrolled at Friends Central located in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania which happens to be located just around the corner from Lower Merion High School.

It is there that Emma has begun her schooling experience in the United States. Emma is already staying active by playing basketball and the violin. She has started the Mandarin Club at Friends Central which is now up to thirty members. Adrian arranged for Emma to live with a family in Gladwyne. Emma said, "[She] loves how serious students are at Friends Central compared to Beijing". While the students at Friends Central have been in class together since the 1st grade, Emma was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and welcoming everyone was.

As you can see, Emma Xu has had a unique international experience! Emma was influenced by the great NBA legend Kobe Bryant, but it was the guidance of Julian and Adrian that led Emma from Beijing to Wynnewood.

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