How to Celebrate Halloween Around the World!

Posted by Caleb M. on Oct 20, 2011 3:26:00 PM

We are now less than two weeks away from the USA's celebration of Halloween. At this time, we believe it's necessary to observe and respect the celebration of Halloween around the world. This is necessary because, after all, Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs has a global network of friends.

Our community is wide spread over several continents and reaches many cultures. With Halloween fast approaching, here's an outline of "how to celebrate Halloween around the world" matter where you might be!

Spain and Mexico

In Mexico and Spain, Halloween is called "The Day of the Dead" or Los Dias de Los Muertos. It's not a time of creativity or candy eating, it's a time when the spirits of dearly departed are welcomed home. These "spirits" are the Monarch Butterflies which are accustomed to living in the United States and Canada. As this time approaches, families in Spain and Mexico tend to set up flowers, fruit, candy and bread along with pictures of their deceased family members.


In Korea, their day is called Chusok. Unlike in the United States, their Halloween is celebrated at the end of August or early September. It's a time to thank their relatives for the fruits of their past labor. Fruits are taken to temples and left there for the dead.


Halloween is not celebrated in France as it is regarded as a holiday celebrated only in the United States.


Similar to Halloween celebrations in the United States, in Canada, they carve Jack O'Lanterns in their pumpkins and enjoy themed parties along with decorating and trick or treating.


In recent years, trick or treating has become quite popular with children dressed up in costumes going door-to-door asking for candy. Very similar to the United States tradition except it's more of a recent trend meaning the adults aren't always accommodating their trick or treaters.


In all the ways Halloween is celebrated or not celebrated, we want to hear about how you plan on celebrating this halloween! For us at JKCP, we are carving our logo into every Pumpkin we see.


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