Bring Back the Drop Shot!

Posted by Caleb M. on Oct 18, 2011 2:17:00 PM

Julian_3Julian's Rambles: Bring back the drop shot!

Oh how I long for the dropshot – what a lovely, artistic, exciting and deft shot….

So you kids call it a ‘sissy shot’, but just as “being a geek” is a success story so is a drop shot. What is a perfect drop shot? The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) calls a perfect drop shot, one that bounces two or three times before the service line. I see a perfect drop shot as a shot that bounces twice before your opponent hits it!

Here are the  7 DO’s of a Drop shot:

  • Do hit a drop shot when you are standing inside the baseline or better
  • Do hit a drop shot to tire out your opponent
  • Do hit a drop shot to bring your opponent (who does not like to volley) to the net
  • Do hit a drop shot to learn how to use underslice and to learn how to change your grip to a continental grip and to learn how to let go of your second hand on your two handed backhand
  • Do hit a drop shot to make our opponent, who is very good at running side to side, run forward since this is never practiced.
  • Do hit a drop shot to your opponents two handed backhand side to make them run forward and reach out and hit a one handed underslice backhand (which most two handed players are not comfortable hitting)
  • Do hit a drop shot to show your variety of shots and to confuse your opponent

Please do hit a drop shot!!!

Article written by Julian Krinsky

Topics: Tennis Camp

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