Tennis Student Spotlight: Erin Bowsher

Posted by Caleb M. on Oct 17, 2011 2:51:00 PM

Name: Erin Bowsher 

Year/School: Sr. at Henderson

JKST Coach: Arvind Aravindhan

Six years ago, Erin Bowsher began her Julian Krinsky School of Tennis (JKST) experience. By participating in the Junior clinics, which then led her to join the High Performance Tennis clinics. At this time, Erin was keeping active all year round playing soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and swimming.

“The athleticism was always there, she came from an athletic and tennis oriented family”, says her JKST coach Arvind Aravindhan. Mr. and Mrs. Bowsher were athletically gifted. Erin’s mother was a good collegiate tennis player while her father was a good collegiate basketball player. Her grandfather is an avid tennis player in Florida. It’s safe to say that Erin has the foundation to launch her tennis career in the right direction.

Athleticism can only get you so far in sports and it wasn’t until Erin turned 12 that she devoted herself to fully focus on tennis. At 12 years old, Erin entered her first tournament and it was then when her love for tennis got serious.

When talking to Erin and Arvind, the first thing Arvind mentioned was that, “Erin is the hardest working kid!”. Her athleticism and work ethic turned the weekend clinics to a very serious practice regiment. Her strengths according to her teacher are “her ball striking ability along with her movement on the court”.

Erin plays a hard hitting all court game with a big serve. She contributes her calm approach and mentally tough attitude to her recent successes that led her to rank #23 overall in Middle States in the United States Tennis Association (USTA). The rank of 23 overall is the highest ever for Erin.

As a truly devoted tennis player, Erin is being cyber schooled to focus on tennis. After beginning high school as a freshman at Henderson High School, she still plays for the Henderson Tennis team, but has been cyber schooled for her Junior and Senior year. The next step for Erin is playing college tennis. In Erin’s ideal world, she will be playing division 1 Tennis at a city school while majoring in Political Science.

Her advice to young tennis players is to always keep a strong mental attitude. As every tennis professional has experienced, there is a good amount of failure before you find the road to success. Erin found herself placing pressure on her performances and realized to keep a strong mental attitude learning that one mistake won’t decide the outcome. Erin will take this advice as she enters states for the first time.



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