Turntable Tuesday

Posted by Caleb M. on Oct 11, 2011 10:14:00 AM

Do you hear that? Complete silence....right? Let's change that!

We are sick of quietly doing work, chores, homework so we are changing the game! Be your own DJ and start playing your own music. We are basically hosting an online hot spot where you can do your homework while listening to your favorite music.

It gets better! We are hosting this on Turntable.FM and all you have to do is join our JKCP room after logging in with Facebook. Turntable.FM hosts a live music room with only 5 DJ's setting up their very own playlist. Search your own music or simply pull it from iTunes. Then become a DJ yourself and let the music do the rest.

Just here to listen? That's fine too! You don't have to be a DJ, better yet, you can be in the room and listen in. Show off your dance moves and select "Awesome" or "Lame" depending on how you like the music being played.

Wait....there's more! We want you to get your friends on board. Friends from school, your neighborhood and don't forget your JKCP crew! The more the merrier! There's even a chat room to talk with everyone. You can reward DJ's on the songs they play by giving them points.

If you are a music buff...we have an exciting opportunity for you to sharpen your musical skills by being a part of our pre-college Summer Music Program!

Get your playlist set and your ears ready for Turntable Tuesday!

Tune in every Tuesday via Turntable.FM. If everyone wants to make this an every day occurrence, then we can...just let us know!  

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