20 Careers To Use Your Art Skills (and Make a Nice Living)

Posted by Sarah Ohanesian on Dec 14, 2016 1:18:04 PM

ArtPenn.jpgAs a high school student you are faced with many choices. Among the top questions you need to answer are: Where will I go to college? What will I major in? Before you can answer those, you should consider answering one fundamental: What will I be when I grow up? Yes, people have been asking you that since you were a kid. But now, it’s time to actually start thinking about that what you want to do as a career.

If you are interested or skilled in art, there are many professions that you may be a strong candidate for post-college. Here are a few art related careers to begin exploring now: 

  1. Multimedia Artist & Animator – Work in motion pictures, movies, television, video games, advertising and design. Draw by hand and use computers to create animated images or special effects.
  2. Web Designer – Create stunning, visually appealing and effective websites that help your clients’ businesses grow. If you work at an agency, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of industries that will be sure to keep your work interesting.
  3. iPhone/Android App Designer – Design and build apps that push the limits of technology. Collaborate with clients, designers and backend developers to create apps people can hardly live without.
  4. Art Director – Develop design concepts and review materials that appear in magazines, newspapers or digital media. You’ll make sure it’s eye catching and appealing.
  5. Prop/Set/Stage Designer – Read the script and set the stage. Pull from storage, purchase or make what you need to bring your imagination to life.
  6. Graphic Designer – Help companies get their message across through visuals in print and digital formats. Use color, type, photography, icons, animation and layout techniques.
  7. Game Designer – Create games on various platforms including PC and mobile devices. Understand computer programming and software design.
  8. Photographer – From news to weddings to fashion to travel, as a photographer you’ll capture life’s most exquisite moments. This art career has so many possibilities.
  9. Interior Designer – Design spaces using different colors, textures, lighting and furniture for homes, business and public spaces.
  10. Architect – Ensure a pleasing overall aesthetic of buildings, structures and outdoor spaces. Drawing skills and a visual orientation is very helpful.
  11. Film Director – Work on all areas of the film including the visual elements of sets, costumes, lighting and choreography.
  12. Advertisement Designer – Work with clients and companies to create ads for print and digital media. Research trends and keep an eye on the details.
  13. Graphic Novelist – Conceptualize stories and tell them through illustrated panels. Pull together emotion and action as you create visual images that tell unforgettable stories.
  14. Packaging Designer – Collaborate with clients to create unique custom packaging for products. Be responsible for art, layouts, specs and production.
  15. Landscape Architect – Consider the site, the land, the grading, water and local aesthetics as you create pleasing natural settings.  
  16. Visual Effects Designer – From special effects to makeup, visual designers add the impractical or impossible to films, television shows and other media. This is a quick growing field as new technologies emerge.
  17. Mural Artist – Create paintings that fill entire walls or sides of buildings. More and more businesses and organizations are hiring mural artists to create eye-catching pieces of art to promote their brands in an oversized way.
  18. Display & Exhibition Planner – Design and layout shows and exhibitions for large events. Communicate concepts and images to visitors as they pass through the event.
  19. Museum Curator – Assemble, catalogue, manage and present works of art and collections at museums or art galleries. Display pieces of art in visually appealing ways while also keeping them safe.
  20. Art Therapist – Use art and the creative process to explore feelings, emotions and self-awareness in patients. Help others manage behaviors and develop social skills using art.

 As you can tell, the list is extensive and integrates with many areas of business, media and even health, with the arts. This summer, you can explore some of these careers in more details at the Art: Summer at Penn pre-college program for high school students. The faculty from the University of Pennsylvania can help guide you into a career that’s right for you. New Call-to-action

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