10 Great Ideas for Family Fun Night

Posted by Joshua Block on Dec 17, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Running out of fun ideas to do with the family? I know, going to the movies every weekend or ordering take out gets old pretty fast. Here are 10 creative and fun family fun night ideas. 


  1. Camp out in the living room

Yes, it’s exactly what you are picturing…grab some sleeping bags, put on a movie, make some fun snacks, and have a memorable evening in!

  1. Have a Family Draw  

Check out the link above for a unique idea that costs virtually nothing and leaves the floor open for endless amounts of creativity!

  1. Volunteer Night

Find a local organization to support. You can make this experience even more meaningful by involving your children in choosing the organization you support.

  1. Pick some fruit

Depending on where you live, there’s likely some great fruit picking to be done! From a variety of berries to peaches, summer is a great time to pick those fruits and then do a fun cooking or baking activity afterward!

  1. Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

You’ve lived in your hometown for quite a while, and now it’s time to flip the coin and become a tourist. Go sightseeing, visit a museum, take a walk and learn about the history of your backyard!

  1. Surprise a family member

Have an empty evening? Why not take a short road trip to visit a family member or close friend? Keep them company, and bring them something you’ve baked or made.

  1. Lego Mania

This one only works if everyone in your family participates…adults too! Dump out all of the Legos that you have onto the floor of your family room and sit down to build together. Come up with a theme, try and build a specific animal or TV character. Use this time to recognize your children’s creativity. You might even impress yourself!

  1. High School Sports Night

Take the kids to a local high school basketball or football game. Grab some pizza or ice cream afterward. It’s sure to be a tradition you’ll revisit over and over again!

  1. Minute to Win It Night

If you have a bit of time to plan and to purchase materials, this is a great one to try. Check out this website for 10 great Minute to Win It games that everyone in your family will enjoy. 

  1. Playdough

Check out this great website for 6 different recipes to make Playdough. It’s easy. It’s fun. Sometimes it even tastes good! 

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