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Application Deadline April 1, 2020.

You must be entering Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 during the 2020 - 2021 school year in order to apply for admission to this summer program.

In order to complete an application for admission, you will be required to submit several application requirements. After you register and pay your application fee, you'll gain access to your online account where you'll complete the following: 

  • Student Questionnaire
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Honors and Awards
    • What do you hope to accomplish during the program? What do you hope to gain from this experience? (Please do not exceed 100 words.)
  • Essay (You will be asked to upload an essay. The prompt will be as follows: "Explain your interest in Architecture in 200 words or less.")
  • School Information (including name, CEEB code, address, phone, type, guidance counselor information, etc.)
  • Academic Transcript with Fall 2019 Grades (We accept unofficial and official transcripts and you may upload the item yourself.)
  • Letters of Recommendation (We'll require two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation may be written by current or recent teachers, school administrators, employers, mentors, academic advisors, coaches or directors of extracurricular activities. You'll find a full set of instructions in your account after you register and pay your application fee.)

Ready to get started? The application process has three steps:

  1. Begin your application.
  2. Using a parent/guardian email address and some basic information about the applicant and parent/guardian, you'll register to create an account, or confirm an existing Active account. 
  3. Pay your $100 application fee via credit card. (To see if you may be eligible for an application fee waiver, click here. You'll need to pay the application fee or complete the application fee waiver request process to begin your application.)
  4. Once you've registered and paid your application fee, you'll visit www.jkcp.com/login to log in to your account. This portal is where you'll submit your required application materials such as your essay, school information, transcript, etc.

If you have any questions before you proceed, please contact us using one of the following options:

Begin Application

Begin Application